Coronavirus sterilisation programme : DIP LLC in Gulf News
April 15, 2020

DIP LLC Property Manager Ziad Al Tamimi's comments were featured in this article published in Gulf News on April 08, 2020 by Anjana Kumar, Chief Reporter and Ali Al Shouk, Staff Reporter. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Coronavirus: Can you move house during Dubai’s 24-hour sterilisation programme
Tenants decide to put plans on hold, police say there is a permit option

Dubai: UAE residents with new and near expiring lease contracts are in a quandary as they are not sure if they can move house during the current 24-hour sterilisation programme in Dubai.

Take the case of an Indian expat, Ajay Thomas, living in a one-bedroom apartment in Mankhool. Ajay is paying Dh60,000 rent per annum, his contract is expiring on April 30 and he has short-listed a one-bedroom unit in Karama for a lower rent of Dh55,000 per annum.

“It is a money saver for me and I really like the new unit I have seen. I want to shift, but I am not sure whether there are permits that allow a resident to move house now. I contacted a couple of moving companies and they have given me a mixed feedback with regards to procuring necessary permits. Some say they obtain this from the government website, while others say they are not able to do so. Owing to this confusion, I have put away the idea of shifting as of now.”

Dubai Investment Properties (DIP LLC), a semi-government property entity in the emirate said the company has been inundated with several such enquiries from existing tenants asking about the rules regarding shifting homes in the current scenario. Ziad Al Tamimi, Property and Leasing Manager at DIP LLC said: “I believe that if all permits are in place, there is no stopping anyone from shifting. But we are getting a feedback from tenants who say not all moving companies have been able to procure permits for this.”

To read the full article please visit https://gulfnews.com/uae/coronavirus-can-you-move-house-during-dubais-24-hour-sterilisation-programme-1.70870499

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